A Place to Encounter Jesus Christ

Byron Sunset

Our Core Values Are:

  1. To Immerse Ourselves in Biblical Truth and God’s Creation
  2. To Care for Each Person Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, and Socially
  3. To Archive Maximum Fun
  4. To Train Each Person to Love and Serve God
  5. To Clearly Present the Need to Repent and Believe the Good News of Christ
  6. To Make Genuine Followers of Christ

2 thoughts on “A Place to Encounter Jesus Christ

  1. I was saved at BB camp and got my 1st bible there. I went to camp there for several summers and I loved it! I was just checking to see if it was still in operation. I remember the singing, the ferry that went across the creek. The canteen an dormitory. The food hall…how I loved those meals and the chocolate milk poured out of the silver pitchers. I loved all the activities and the friends I made e ery summer.

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