Directions to Byron Bible Camp

Byron Bible Camp is located about 18 mile north of Huron, South Dakota at 40546 South Shore Road. If you are traveling north out of Huron on Highway 37 go approximately 12 miles. There will be a sign for the camp at the intersection of Highway 37 and 196th Street. Turn right or east on 196th street, and travel east on 196th street for 5 miles. Turn north on 405th Ave. Approximately one mile up the road is South Shore Road. The camp is at the corner of 405 Ave. and South Shore Road.

Maps of Byron Bible Camp – (Click to Enlarge)

Byron Map_half

CLOSER VIEW (Click to Enlarge)

Byron Map Close 1_half

 CLOSEST VIEW (Click to Enlarge)

Byron Map Close2_half

Byron Bible Camp on Google Maps

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